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Mermaid Wedding Dress


A wedding is a beautiful way for the friends and family of the happy couple to show their support of the union while celebrating this next chapter in the lives of someone they love, but let's face it: the wedding is really about the dress. Can you name another event in your life where you'll have dozens (or hundreds!) of people eagerly waiting to see what you're wearing? Everyone will say they are there for the union, but when the bride hits the aisle all eyes are on that dress; it's the big reveal! So you had better pick a knock out wedding gown.



The Essence of the Mermaid Cut


A mermaid wedding gown is an excellent choice for the bride who wants to show off those beautiful curves. Mermaid wedding gowns are fairly versatile when it comes to the neckline.  They can have long or capped sleeves for a more conservative look, or if you're looking to show some skin, they also look beautiful as a spaghetti strap wedding gown or even a completely strapless style.  Unlike a traditional A-line wedding gown, which features a soft flair at the natural waistline, the mermaid cut is all about drama.  They are closely cinched at the waist, they hug the hips, and stay fitted down the thighs until the knees, where the typically flare down to the floor- creating the silhouette of a mermaid's tail – hence its name.  This style gained popularity in the 1950s, but only really became known for weddings within the last decade.  Perhaps one reason for it remaining popular throughout the changing decades of fashion because they accentuate and compliment the natural curves of the female form. Mermaid wedding gowns can be worn by anyone, but are most flattering on slender or “hourglass” shaped women. Corsets are not a prerequisite for the mermaid wedding dress, but are often employed to achieve that flawless hourglass shape.



Finding the Right Fit


The mermaid cut wedding dress is timeless and sexy, but it isn't an easy style to wear (like the ever-popular ball gown wedding dress or lace wedding dress).  To be blunt: this cut will not look good on everyone. Beauty is present in all women, of all shapes and sizes, but that doesn't mean all those we can all pull off the same dress.  Dressing for your body type should be a priority to ensure you look your best on your wedding day. So, before you decide to wear a mermaid cut wedding gown, there are some things to consider;


Wearing a mermaid cut gown if you have an unusually short or long torso isn't the best idea.  This type of dress will showcase a proportionate frame in the most alluring way, but if the prospective wearer has an elongated torso, this cut will only accentuate the length of the midsection creating an almost awkward look, and those with shorter torsos can look boxy and thick.  For longer torsos, try a sheath wedding dress or even an empire waisted wedding gown, and for shorter torsos, a fit and flare wedding dress can offer the perfect alternative to the mermaid cut.


As well, it's not advised to wear a mermaid cut gown if you have shoulders broader than your hips, or hips wider than your shoulders. For women with broad shoulders, it's best to stick with an A-line or ball gown cut so as to create the illusion of balance.  The mermaid cut wedding gown is like the Goldie Locks of wedding gowns; everything should be neither too big, nor too small, but just right. Ideally, a mermaid wedding gown tapers in and flares out more or less evenly: wide at the shoulders/bust, narrow at the waist, wide at the feet.


Wearing the mermaid cut can be a little overwhelming on a petite frame. These dresses are designed to be long, and are one of the hardest styles to alter, as the balance of the in-out-in-out tapering will be affected. If you are of smaller stature and have your heart set on a mermaid cut wedding gown, you may want to consider higher heels, rather than altering the hemline.


Tips for Wearing Your Mermaid Gown Right


Mermaid cut weddings dresses are contoured to the body of the bride and are structured to give her the perfect hourglass figure. In order to look flawless, there are some quick tips to remember when you're finally putting your look together.


Wearing supportive undergarments is a must!  Mermaid wedding dresses are snug and entirely unforgiving of those little imperfections in your figure that would normally go unnoticed. Corsets, bustiers, heavy duty Spanx, or even gaffer tape can help to hold everything in place. It definitely doesn't sound glamorous, but it's incredibly common for many brides (and even celebrities) to use these methods for a flawless result.


Going with flats is also a no-no.  While you may be tempted to select shoes that will allow you to dance for hours and hours, remember that the mermaid cut is designed for a long silhouette.  Try to find comfortable heels instead of abandoning them entirely.  The hem of a mermaid cut wedding gown is meant to hover just above the floor.  And to elongate your silhouette and give you that gorgeous statuesque appearance commonly associated with a mermaid cut, adding height to your look by styling your hair in a fun up-do is a perfect finishing touch.

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