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Bohemian Wedding Gown

Bohemian Wedding Gown

As soon as we say “bohemian wedding dress,” your mind probably conjured up its own version of what we mean. Maybe you picture something simple: a plain white bodice with a long, flowing skirt. Maybe you think of a v-necked gown with bell sleeves. Maybe a mini dress made from macrame!

Whatever bohemian fashion means to you, you have to agree that this style can make for some gorgeous wedding gowns. In fact, the boho-chic bride is one of our absolute favorite looks! Here are a few simple reasons why we're in love with this elegant, yet relaxed style.

They’re Romantic

Bohemian wedding dresses are all about long skirts and flowing fabrics — the type of fashion we're used to seeing on elegant ladies in epic romances. The understated beauty of these gowns will have you looking like a fairy-tale princess (Princess Buttercup rocked a boho dress with the best of them) or a lady from a Jane Austen novel!

For example, take a look at our Bohemian Keyhole bridal gown. This dress makes the most of its simple empire waist and lace bodice, creating a breathtaking look that doesn't feel overly fussy. It's the perfect choice for a laid-back bride that wants to feel beautiful but still feel like her.

They’re Comfortable

When we say that bohemian wedding dresses are breathtaking, we don't mean that we want to take your breath away! Thankfully, this style was built for the woman on the move. The relaxed fit of most boho wedding dresses is great for the girl that wants to be comfortable on her big day.

Our Bohemian Beach wedding dress is a perfect choice for any bride that wants to look incredible without feeling constrained. The nude bodice provides coverage (while lace appliques add some romantic details), and that loose-fitting, flowing skirt won’t get in her way as she dances the night away!

They’re Great for Dancing

Bohemian Wedding Gown

If you’re a bride that absolutely loves to dance, you really should consider a bohemian wedding dress. These gowns were made for movement! The flowing fabrics look amazing whether you’re waltzing around the ballroom with your spouse or letting loose with your bridesmaids.

There’s no better example of a dress made for dancing than the Dahlia Split Lace Bohemian wedding dress. This gown has everything you need to light up the dance floor: a long skirt that will twirl beautifully, frilly features for extra flair, and even a lace inset to make sure you don’t show your guests too much!

At their core, bohemian wedding dresses embody the free spirit of the women who wear them. These dresses are beautiful, feminine, and just a little wild — perfect for the girl that loves to have a good time! Best of all, you can find a bohemian wedding dress to suit any style, from classic and romantic to modern and sultry.

As you continue your search for the perfect wedding gown, don’t be afraid to throw a few bohemian wedding dresses into the ring. You just might discover that this style is the right one for your special day.

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