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Bohemian Wedding Dress & Boho Wedding Gown

The Beauty of Having a Bohemian Wedding Dress

For any bride-to-be looking to evoke an effortlessly ethereal look, one which will evoke images of romance, wonder, and whimsy, there can be no better choice than a boho wedding gown.  Bohemian wedding gowns are as diverse as they are beautiful, each dress is as unique as its wearer. Typically most bohemian wedding gowns employ a maxi style cut (empire-waisted, yet reminiscent of an A-line wedding gown), ornate lace, sheer fabrics, flowing layers, and other classic boho touches.  Getting creative with your look can include long bell sleeves, which help to achieve a fairy-tale silhouette that will make your special day look and feel like a dream come true. For those brides who aren't necessarily moved by the idea of a more “alternative” dress style, bear in mind that a boho wedding gown doesn't have to mean “hippie wedding gown”. In fact, because of the many different boho sub-genres out there, bohemian wedding dresses are uniquely versatile. If you're a fan of the more hippie inspired fashion, you may certainly choose what's known as classic hippie boho garb, but for those who are looking for a more refined, or more personalized look, there are dozens of possibilities to explore.

Make Your Style Your Own


Wedding gowns with a boho flair are typically made of light and delicate materials such as lace, satin, or chiffon. For a more informal or “natural” style linen, or even cotton may be used. Knowing what you're comfortable in (as well as what's on the agenda for your reception) makes it a million times easier to choose the best material for your dress. Once you have settled on the fabric for your Boho Wedding Gown, you should consider your favourite neckline – it's okay to go with your preferred look.  Some choose to use the above-mentioned bell sleeves, while some would rather have a spaghetti strap wedding gown. And while you're at it, don't forget whether or not you'd like a train, which is a popular part of any wedding dress.  Don't be afraid, however, to go for a tea length instead, as is most common with a short wedding gown.  Remember, though, that if you do opt for tea length, careful attention to your shoes is important.  Thankfully, when matching your shoes to a boho dress, most options feature comfort over fashion and they still manage to look great!


Glam it Up


For this look, don't be afraid to go with sleek materials like silk or satin. Boho a-lines don't have to be plain.  In fact, adding personal touches in the details are what makes your wedding gown uniquely you. Wearing a long wedding gown with a gorgeously jewelled neckline adds the right amount of sparkle.  To keep your look more modern and glam, a more fitted cut can help to achieve a classically beautiful and polished silhouette. The look of a top and bottom separate wedding gown is growing in popularity, and can lend well to both glamour and the boho feel.  Pair your boho wedding dress with long, delicately layered strings of pearls (real or artificial pearl do the job just fine), usually with a single strand pearl bracelet, and/or pearl earrings. If pearls aren't quite your thing, crystals, and diamonds (depending on your budget) whether subtle or over-sized will give your boho look that added touch of class needed for a formal affair.


The Down-to-Earth Bride


For this look, you can go for a dress made of light materials.  A loose fitting cut is great for comfort and it looks beautiful when layered. Accessorize your gown with oversize jewellery, like silver, gold, or even wood.  Bangle bracelets or large hoop earrings can be used and strappy sandals accented with ankle chains or even a toe ring top the whole thing off nicely.  When you think of sheer fabrics, bear in mind that you can tastefully layer sheer scarves around the hair and face for a boho-Gypsy flair. If scarves or veils make the ensemble a bit too overwhelming, a delicate crown of real or artificial flowers is the perfect clean finish.


Adding A Final Touch


It can never be said enough, for most brides, the most important aesthetic piece in any wedding is your wedding gown, but don't forget that accessories are just as important. No matter what your exact boho style is, remember that your accessories complete your look.  Choosing the style for your dress is just the first step – while some brides like the glam look, there's always the Gypsy style mentioned above, romantic boho-chic, or even a gothic-inspired boho flair.  It's important to remember to add those personal details to ensure your gown is everything you dreamed of. Have you always wanted to wear a crown or tiara in place of, or in addition to, a veil? A halo crown made of real or artificial flowers is the perfect mate to a hippie or Gypsy style. Feeling fancy? A proper jewelled crown or tiara in silver or gold pairs perfectly with the classic, refined looks of boho's more romantic, glam, or gothic looks.  Remember that these are only a few examples of the seemingly endless array of accessorizing options available when wearing your bohemian wedding gown, so get creative with your ensemble.

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