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Why Lace Wedding Gowns are Worth the Price Tag

Why Lace Wedding Gowns are Worth the Price Tag

November 14, 2018

Why Lace Wedding Gowns are Worth the Price Tag

If you’re leaning towards a lace wedding gown for your walk down the aisle, but you feel hesitant to say “yes” due to the price tag, we’re here to reassure you that it’s definitely worth the investment. Sure you might only be wearing it for a day, but the images and memories will last a lifetime, and that makes it worth the investment (along with these other reasons).

It’s timeless

If there’s one thing we can all agree upon it’s that lace is a timeless fabric. Nobody in the history of wedding dress shopping has been worried that buying a lace gown means it will one day go out of style. Lace wedding gowns are as timeless and classic as weddings themselves and if you’re erring on the side of traditional, you can’t go wrong. No matter the silhouette or style of your gown, you’ll be able to look back on your wedding day photos and be happy with your choice. Going with some cutting-edge fabric could result in a “what was I thinking?” outcome, whereas lace guarantees that won’t happen.

It’s versatile

There isn’t just one kind of lace. You can still have a traditional and timeless lace wedding gown with a more modern twist. Designers are getting increasingly creative with their handiwork, offering brides more lace options than ever. Whether you want a more classic lace look or something with a twist, there are endless options when it comes to lace, more than any other fabric. You can also opt for a gown with partial lace, if you don’t want to take the plunge. Go for a gown with a lace bodice and chiffon skirt, or perhaps a gown with a lace hemline. Scalloped lace hemlines can add an element of playfulness, while an all-over lace gown with sleeves is ideal for a traditional setting. The versatility of lace is astounding, and there are plenty of options for every kind of bride.

It works in all seasons

There are certain fabrics to steer clear of depending on the season (satin in the summer), but a lace dress fits in perfectly to any season. A lace wedding gown in the summer is romantic and ethereal, while a lace gown in the winter is vintage and classic. No matter the temperature outside, you can count on your lace gown to make a statement. Some lace patterns are heavier than others, but by and large, lace works for all four seasons and you won’t have to worry about the stress of making your gown work with your wedding date.

It’s flattering on all body types

Some fabrics should be reserved for specific body types, but a lace wedding gown flatters all body types. From curvy to petite and everything in between, lace’s traditional and timeless vibe works for all types of brides no matter what size you are. Its intricate pattern and just-enough structure allow the fabric to outline any bride beautifully.

It’s undoubtedly bridal

There’s only one thing you can be doing in a lace gown, and that’s getting married. A white lace wedding gown screams “bride” and there’s no question about it. When you slip on the intricate fabric, you’ll feel ready to walk down the aisle.

It looks great in pictures

With a professional photographer working with you, the details of your gown, no matter how small, will shine through--especially in a lace gown. With the right lighting and photographer, you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate the gorgeous lace wedding gown you have on for many years to come. The details won’t get lost in the images and you’ll be glad to see your gown stands out.

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