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Why Get a Lace Wedding Gown for Your Wedding Day

Why Get a Lace Wedding Gown for Your Wedding Day

November 14, 2018

Why Get a Lace Wedding Gown for Your Wedding Day

Show us a bride who's gone wedding dress shopping, and we'll show you a woman who's looked at a lot of lace. Every year, designers release thousands of lace wedding gowns, from delicate appliques to all-lace outfits. Why does this trend persist from one year to the next? Simple: because it's beautiful. Here are a few reasons why you should wear lace when you walk down the aisle.

It’s Romantic

Your wedding day is a chance to feel like the fairy-tale princess you've always dreamed of. For one day, you can have it all: the fabulous party, the handsome prince, and the gorgeous ball gown like something out of a Disney film. Lace wedding gowns add a touch of elegance to those traditional ball gowns, making them look magical and ultra romantic.

For example, take a look at the Nova Off Shoulder Lace Wedding Gown. The lace appliques on the skirt and bodice bring the gown to life, as if she'd been draped in florals by a fairy godmother. It's the perfect gown to wear as you begin your happily ever after.

It’s Sexy

Of course, not every bride wants to be a princess. Some ladies would rather be femme fatales, and they bring that sultry energy right up to the altar. Luckily, there's a lace wedding gown for this style, too — and believe us, this look is hot, hot, hot!

Brides that want to make their man's jaw drop can strut down the aisle in a gown like our Dominance Split Bridal Dress. The intricate lace bodice shows just enough skin to be classy, yet sassy, while the lace peeking out at the thigh and hips will really heat things up on the dance floor at the reception.

It Adds Detail to Simple Styles

Simple wedding gowns are having a big moment nowadays. Thanks to high-profile brides like Meghan Markle choosing minimalist dresses, more and more brides and following suit and sporting understated looks. But if you're worried that your style is too simple, a lace wedding gown can be the perfect compromise.

Our Petersen Backless Wedding Gown is the epitome of minimalist beauty. The cut of the dress gives you a sleek, simple silhouette, but the detailed lace along the bodice and hem add dimension to the gown for a subtly dramatic look. The overall look will undoubtedly take your guests’ breath away!

It’s Timeless

As we mentioned earlier, the lace wedding gown has been around for a long time. This classic style has been worn by everyday brides and style icons for years, from Elizabeth Taylor to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. If you want to wear a look that you know will be in fashion for years and years to come, a lace gown is the way to go.

One of our favorite dresses is the River Lace Wedding Dress. This gown combines everything we love about lace into one stunning look: the cut is sophisticated and simple, the lace along the chest and shoulders give you just a hint of skin for sex appeal, and the delicate lace fabric and long train give you a look straight out of a story book.

With stunning styles like these, it's no wonder that lace wedding gowns are here to stay!



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