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4 Things You Should Never Do When Buying Bridal Accessories

4 Things You Should Never Do When Buying Bridal Accessories

March 12, 2018

4 Things You Should Never Do When Buying Bridal Accessories

On the biggest day of your life, just wearing a pretty dress isn’t going to cut it. With so many pairs of eyes fixated on you throughout the day, you know you need to look your very best. So how do you elevate your already beautiful gown and bring it to the next level? The answer is: Accessories. With that being said, accessorising is an art of its own, and without proper guidance, it is easy to purchase the wrong ones and end up spoiling your bridal beauty. Before you go shopping, check out these four things that you should never, ever do when buying bridal accessories.

Don’t Shop Blindly

It’s called wedding planning for a reason - everything needs to be planned out before execution. While you may prefer keeping an open mind and try on different stuff before making a decision, it’s always better to have a good idea of what you need before venturing out to the malls. There are two things that you need to plan for prior to searching for accessories: 1) your overall theme, and 2) the items that you need.

Your overall theme consists of the tone and colours that you are going for. By the time you are planning for accessories, you would probably have bought your dress, and know exactly how it’s going to be like. First of all consider the colour: a stark white dress pairs better with silver and platinum colours, and a cream or off-white gown goes well with warmer hues. Next, think about your general appearance. Are you planning to go with a boho theme? Or a more classic elegance? All of these will influence the type of accessories that you should buy.

For the second part of accessory planning, you’ll have to think about what exactly you would need to purchase. On top of the items to buy, you’d also need to decide how simple or complicated each of them should be. Try to keep everything cohesive, and mix up the complexity of the pieces. For example, if you’re thinking about an elaborate headpiece, then choose simpler jewellery to avoid looking too dramatic.

Don’t Over-accessorise

We get it: You are out with your girl friends on a Saturday, pumped up from all the wedding talk, and enthusiastic about finding the prettiest jewellery to go with your gown. In situations like this, it is very tempting to buy every single item presented to you, especially if there is a group of girls swooning over it nearby. Before you know it, you are swiping your card for the sixth time within the first hour, and ultimately end up with a heaping pile of paper bags that need to be hauled up to your room after the expedition is over.

Shopping is fun, and shopping for your wedding, even more so! But remember, too much of a good thing can become a bad thing, and in the case of accessorising, this is unfortunately very true. Don’t go overboard with the accessories; instead, keep it classy and choose only the necessary pieces to bring out the best in your dress. You don’t need a tiara, huge dangly earrings, a thick sparkly necklace, bejewelled sash AND a pair of shoes studded with crystals to shine on your wedding day. You already will be the center of attention, and piling on irrelevant items will just make you look messy. 

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort

On your wedding day, you will be wearing your dress for up to ten hours, sometimes even longer, and most of that time will be spent standing. When you are going to be stuck in an ensemble for such a long period, it’s very important to maintain at least some level of comfort while doing so. 

We understand the statement “no pain, no gain”, and know that you want to look your best on the big day. However, you cannot look nice when you don’t feel good. Imagine having to greet your guests at the receiving line, while suffering from a major headache from your heavy tiara, and at the same time trying not to cry out from the blisters developing on your feet. Not a pretty picture, is it? Unfortunately, many brides fall victim to sacrificing comfort for appearance, and end up feeling grouchy and upset just a couple hours into the wedding. 

With that being said, certain measures can be taken if you can’t forgo any must-have accessories. If you absolutely HAVE to have that killer pair of shoes, then maybe plan ahead for the expected discomfort by preparing a pair of flats for down time. Or, supposing that you must wear the veil that is a gift from your grandmother. In this case, maybe discuss to have it taken down after the wedding ceremony, and go bareheaded or put on a simple hair comb for the reception. You can always find ways to keep yourself relatively at ease on the day, as long as you do some planning beforehand.

Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute

There is so much to take care of in wedding planning that it is not uncommon for little things to slip your mind. One of them is your accessories. You have your dress, your shoes, and your makeup artist all lined up, so maybe you think your bridal beauty is pretty much set. Since your wedding won’t turn upside down if you forget a couple of accessories, you may prefer to leave the shopping till later, sometimes even up to a month leading to the wedding.

While you don’t have to purchase everything right at the beginning, we do recommend allocating some time at least a couple of months before the big day to try them all on, and see if they go together. Many brides make the mistake of acquiring their accessories separately, and just left them alone thinking that the task is done, only to find out on the day itself that their earrings are clashing with the belt or something like that. Avoid that mishap by trying on the whole ensemble some time before the wedding, so you will still have time to replace any items that do not fit.

Wedding accessories are such important elements in your bridal beauty, and making the right decisions will turn you into a gorgeous vision that no one will be able to take their eyes off. Therefore, make sure that you steer clear of the four bad practices above, so you can shine like the star that you are on the biggest day of your life.



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