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Top 5 BoHo Bloggers to Follow

March 30, 2018

Top 5 BoHo Bloggers to Follow

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BoHo Chic is the uniquely free-flowing fashion trend which is all at once a decades-old part of North American fashion culture, and a hot new trend sweeping the nation. Part of the irresistible draw of a bohemian wardrobe is its highly adaptive and individualistic qualities, but these same virtues can become something of a hindrance to the novice BoHo fashionista. There are so many options in bohemian attire, so many opportunities to add a personal flair, that putting together a BoHo Chic outfit can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Fortunately, in the age of social media, there is no shortage in the fashion community of bloggers and vloggers willing to provide the seasoned fashion tips you need to find your unique BoHo-inspired look. Here we have five renowned BoHo bloggers who just may have exactly what you’re looking for.



The Salty Blonde by Halley Elefante

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Halley Elefante is a Manhattan-born American and is now residing in Hawaii.  With over 420k followers, she's the queen of Beach BoHo, and ironically, has a warm winter look down to a science. Halley attributes this unlikely and iconic mash up of styles to mixing her cozy east coast fashion with the love of beach fashion she discovered after her move to paradise. Halley began The Salty Blonde when her sister insisted that people online would benefit from her fashion savvy.  At the time, Halley had just moved to Hawaii with her then boyfriend, now fiancé, and was waiting tables to get by. Her signature style of Cozy Beach BoHo was born of her need for new fashion, without the funds for new items. Halley began combining her old clothing from Manhattan with whatever inexpensive items she could acquire in Hawaii and a social media fashion icon was born.




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Gypsylovinlight is a travel and BoHo fashion blog co-created by the beautiful Helen Bense of Australia, and her husband/photographer Bobby Bense. Helen has been heavily featured on Pinterest and with her own webshop and more than 700k followers on Instagram, Helen has been dominating the online world of BoHo fashion and travel with the help of her husband and their two adorable children. The Bense family have gracefully settled into a life of travel, beach living, and fashion after more than fifteen years of Helen dedicating her time to working as a biomedical naturopathic healer. Specializing in Nutrigenomics, Helen has worked with children affected by autism all over the world. A kind and caring soul, Helen is the very embodiment of the BoHo Gypsy spirit, combining her flash tats and jewellery with classic hippie fashion.



Tuulua Vintage by Jessica Stein

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Another blogger Insta-famous for combining travel tips with BoHo Fashion tricks is Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage. Based in Australia, Jessica has documented her travels from Bali, Mexico, Thailand, Croatia, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and the list goes on. She travels the world in style, bringing her millions of followers along for the virtual ride. Her online followers were thrilled to help Jessica and her husband welcome their new baby, so who knows? Maybe the new mama will become a triple threat blogger; fashion, travel, and parenting tips. In the meantime, Jessica keeps a video diary on her YouTube channel. She can also be found across social media platforms, such as facebook and Twitter, with her Instagram account alone boasting a hefty 2.6M fans.


Jessica began her online journey back in 2010 as a way to allow family and friends to follow her physical journeys, but as her impeccable fashion choices and “less is more” signature style, Jessica’s readership quickly grew. Jessica is the very essence of BoHo Elegance, and is known for combining designer accent pieces with vintage BoHo garb, such as a flowing Maxi skirt. Jessica not only shows the finished product, but she shares with her followers her thought process and insights when choosing an outfit.



Rocky Barnes

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Born and raised in sunny California, Rocky Barnes is an authority on BoHo fashion, she lives the BoHo Hippie life, posting a seemingly endless array of beautiful beach photography, or sharing her Coachella experience with her 900k followers on Instagram. The daughter of a FOX television stylist, this 31 year old model/fashion blogger hit the ground running back in 2013 by appearing in a Justin Bieber video.  Working both on and off camera, Rocky loves showcasing her favourite BoHo items and accessories with her more than 20k social media followers. A brand ambassador for AmEx and MAC, Rocky also enjoys customizing and selling vintage shirts to friends as a small side business. Followers of can not only find hot BoHo fashion tips, but certain items are available for purchase as well.



BoHo Bunnie

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Our last bohemian fashion blogger is not only a virtual icon of hippie fashions, but an accomplished visual artist, a model, and a talented musician as well. Andrea Whitt, the creator of BoHo Bunnie, sees great success performing on the fiddle, the viola, the pedal steel guitar, and touring internationally. The recording artist has been featured alongside Shania Twain, Kendrick Lamar, Deep Purple, Harry Connick Jr., Phil Lesh, and Stevie Wonder. Andrea combines her passion for music and art with her love of BoHo fashion in her BoHo Bunnie blog, which features new works each Friday, items for available for purchase, and has been favourably reviewed in various publications of note including Brit + Co., E! News, and Marie Claire Taiwan.


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