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How to Plan A Boho Wedding

April 14, 2018

How to Plan A Boho Wedding


Bohemian Wedding Dress

The term boho has been mentioned a lot in the wedding world lately. What exactly is a boho wedding, and why is it so popular? Boho, or Bohemian styled weddings, are ones that are free of rules, unstructured, and laid-back. It’s a mixture of ethnic styles and free-spirited fun. As for why they are so popular, well, you can thank a number of celebrities for that. Besides, due to the “anything goes”, eclectic nature of these events, it’s usually cheaper to host a boho wedding as compared to a more formal one. So, if you are looking to jump onto the boho train, and adopt this theme for your wedding, read on below for tips on how to plan a boho wedding.



  • Boho wedding themes


Although the term “boho” suggests a theme, there are still a number of directions that it can go. Call them sub-themes, if you will. Bohemian weddings can range from boho chic, woodland themed, beachy boho, artsy bohemian, boho vintage to luxe bohemian, just to name a few. All of these themes are slightly different, but they all have commonalities. For one, they embody the soul of a boho wedding, which is laid-back, unstructured, and free-spirited. Secondly, most boho brides host their weddings outdoors. They embrace nature, and use the landscape around them as a backdrop for their nuptials. If you would like to have a Bohemian wedding, but are unsure of which sub-theme to choose, you can take this quiz ( to help you figure it out.



  • Boho wedding outfit


Boho wedding outfits should be comfortable, loose fitting, and not too complicated. For brides, dresses made with lace and organza will look divine in the nature. Don’t pick gowns that are too formal, or have too many ruffles - try to keep the silhouette simple to illustrate the fuss-free nature of this theme. As for grooms, the regular suit and tie may look too stuffy, so remove the suit and go for lighter pants like khakis instead. If you still prefer to wear a suit for the ceremony, choose something less conventional, like a light-coloured linen one. 


To dress up your bridal party, consider mixing and matching different colours and prints. Mix and match is a huge element in boho weddings, and you should utilize it as often as possible in your event. The guys can all wear similar shirts and pants, but don different socks or bow ties. As for the ladies, you can get them dresses of different prints, or choose a same colour theme but go with varying lengths and designs. 


Accessories-wise, honestly anything goes, as long as they fit and look good on you. You can go all ethnic and wear head vines, ethnic jewellery, macramé textures etc. Or, make use of wildflowers to adorn your hair, and carry a bouquet that is made up of wildflowers and greens. As for shoes, high heels are not often seen in a boho wedding. To truly espouse the theme, wear comfy footwear like sandals or flats, and you can even go barefoot if the situation permits!



  • Boho wedding decor


As we have mentioned earlier, mix and match is huge in the Bohemian style. Therefore, don’t be afraid to use mismatched tableware and decorations in your wedding. For table decor, you can create simple centrepieces by using bottles of different shapes and sizes, and fill them with flowers and greenery. Or, you can arrange garlands of flowers and leaves along the length of each table, making your own natural table runners. There is no better way to embrace a boho theme than using elements from the nature throughout your celebration.


If you prefer set ups that are less flowery, prints and fabrics work great as well. Drape your tables with linens in eclectic prints, and use different cushions and chairs for the seating. The tablecloths will be vibrant enough to still require a centrepiece, but if you want a focal point on them, consider lighting up a few candles in glass holders to brighten up the setting. 


Another way to style your event is to go for a “dining under the stars” feel. By utilizing candles and string lights, you can create a romantic feel for an outdoor reception when it gets dark. On top of rows of wood tables, line candles of varying heights, interspersed between bunches of greenery if you want. Then, brighten up the place with copious strands of string lights, and you’ll have yourself a charming, whimsical night to end your day with. 



  • Boho wedding food


When it comes to food, the sky is the limit for boho weddings. Usually, boho brides and grooms don’t like serving traditional three-course meals in their receptions. It feels too formal, and doesn’t go with the free-spirited vibe of such occasions. 


If you are planning a boho wedding, consider serving food in a more casual setting. Seasonal, locally grown dishes are generally preferred, and home-styled food is always a favourite. If you’re dining outdoors, a buffet, BBQ or a food truck can be fun. The rules are meant to be broken in a Bohemian wedding, so don’t be afraid to be adventurous and experiment with non-conventional dining styles!



These are some basic tips on how to plan and execute a Bohemian style wedding. Such weddings are full of fun, and often carry unexpected details that can surprise their guests. If you have the main components of the theme, outfit, decor and food taken care of, rest assured that your loved ones will be talking about your unconventional wedding for years to come.

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