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How to Achieve a BoHo Style

April 04, 2018

How to Achieve a BoHo Style

 Bohemian Dress


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Have you been wanting to rock the BoHo-Chic fashion trend? Do you want to add that timeless hippie flare to you wardrobe? Well, read on to find bohemian style tips and fashion tricks designed to help anyone achieve this classic look with a modern twist. The key to achieving a chic bohemian look is a well-balanced mix of form fitting and loose fabrics, along with combining contrasting or complimentary patterns and colours, and accessories to refine and polish your silhouette.


Whether you’re completely new to the BoHo fashion scene or a seasoned bohemian interested in updating your look, you’ll find the tips below invaluable in designing your signature style.

 Bohemian Accessories

BoHo No-No's

Bohemian fashion can be described as both timeless and retro, but whether understated or flamboyant, the creative nature of the BoHo Chic wardrobe creates many fashion pitfalls which must be avoided in order to escape the image of the “sloppy hippie”. Bohemian fashion is all about comfort, individuality, and ease, which explains why so many BoHo Chic outfits feature long, flowing layers. Women especially gravitate towards the aesthetic appeal of this aspect of Bohemian fashion because this looks adapts itself to suit nearly all body types when employed correctly. Executed incorrectly, long flowing layers can be a major fashion faux pas; an outfit with excessive layers will swallow up a petite figure and exaggerate a generous one. Your height is an equally crucial an element to consider when layering your outfit, as too many long layers can be unflattering on a person of small stature. So how should you layer your outfit to accomplish an ethereal look instead of a messy one? Well, there are a few things to consider.


When it comes to colour combinations, layers, length, and fit, don’t go overboard. Yes, Bohemian fashion is all about bold choices and making a statement with your wardrobe, but there is truth in the old adage “less is more”. Because BoHo fashion features so many bold options, one way to make this popular style your own is to refine a bold concept with subtle touches. A simple belt, for example, can transform a shapeless BoHo Gown into custom fitted couture. When choosing a long flowing skirt, dress, or pair of pants, consider length; a hem line which grazes the floor will evoke a look and feeling of floating down the street, as opposed to a hem line that drags on the floor which can be very messy, both aesthetically and literally.


When you feel you have finished your outfit for the day, find yourself a full length mirror (or the biggest mirror in your home) take a few steps back and evaluate the entire ensemble as a whole. Take the time to notice how the different items in your selection sit on your frame. Is there anything drawing attention away from your face? Have you over layered? Does your outfit “drag down” your frame, making you look too short or “stumpy”? Do any of your choices create an unsightly bulge, or form an unflattering silhouette? If your answer to any of these questions is anything other than an emphatic “no”, consider removing or refitting a layer or perhaps add or remove an accessory.


Remember to keep your bohemian attire looking sleek and chic by combining your oversized/flowing pieces with fitted/tailored items. A classic example would be an oversized sweater, tunic, or poncho, worn with a pair of slim fitting jeans, yoga pans, or leggings.

 Bohemian Dress

Dress for your Personality

The best thing about BoHo fashion is the ability to customize virtually any component of bohemian style to your individual tastes. Use the creative license afforded you by this eclectic fashion choice to bring out elements of your own personality. BoHo blogs and fashion forward celebrities like Nicole Richie or the Olsen twins, can help to inspire your style, but true BoHo fashion is at it’s peak when the wearer adds their own signature flare or accent to an accepted fashion standard. We've compiled a list of some examples of blended BoHo fashion:


Feeling fancy? BoHo Luxe is the blending of classic hippie style with a little (or a lot!) of bling for a polished, sophisticated finish to your bohemian look.


A little rough around the edges? Compliment the gentle flowing fabrics of BoHo garb with contrasting black leather and/or studded accessories for the BoHo Rock look.


Looking to combine function and fashion? Try BoHo Sporty by pairing a long flowing skirt or dress sporty sneakers, or a baseball cap.


Got a corporate gig and a hippie heart? Combine your loose flowing clothing with sophisticated tailored tops, like a nice button down or a blazer, along with some classic jewellery accents like subtle silver necklaces, fine bangles, or pearl earrings.


The list doesn’t stop there, indeed we could go on and on and on! There’s Trendy BoHo, Romantic BoHo, or you can even try combining pieces to achieve Steampunk BoHo.  The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is take the staple of bohemian fashion and then make it your own.


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