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Welcome to The Lovely Find, your online bridal accessories boutique.

Rafael Bridal was created when our founder, a wedding industry veteran, noticed brides struggling to find quality accessories at affordable prices. A wedding can cost up to 5 figures, and for that, most of the things you pay for will actually only be used once. When faced with budget constraints, many brides chose to skimp on accessories, which (based on experience) is a huge no-no. Accessories not only make for beautiful photos, they are the very things that enhance your bridal beauty, and transform you into the star that you deserve to be. After numerous episodes of sympathising with frustrated brides about their challenges with wedding shopping, the idea for Rafael was born.

Our mission is to create an online shopping platform for high quality, exquisitely made bridal accessories in affordable prices. We believe that distinction should not necessarily be accompanied by a high price tag, and every couple planning for their next chapter in life should not have to spend a fortune before starting the journey. Therefore, we have curated, and will continue to source, premium accessories that can elevate the charm of your wedding day, and make you (and your day) last in the memories of guests for a very long time. 

When you shop with Rafael, you are shopping our vision, our cause, and our earnest determination to bring you the best. Not only do we strive to bring you the finest bridal accessories; we also aim to provide you with an unforgettable shopping experience, that can rival any upscale boutique that you step foot into. Browse through our collections to find your bridal accessories today!

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